Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Terrible Twenties

They say that during your 20's is the most vital time in your life. It's the time you take to find yourself, do what you love, travel the world, make friends, build careers and live your life! This is supposed to be the time where we feel the most comfortable not knowing exactly where our lives will end up.

Why is this so frustrating for me though? When I look around, I see that my fellow adults have it together. They know what they want and go after it.

With me being a creative soul, it's difficult to know exactly which direction I want to go. Sometimes I want to write, other times I want to illustrate, most time I want to sing, decorate, design, dance, act, photography and even box!! When I begin to set my mind on one venture, it's not long before I get thoughts of doing something else. For example, I could start out writing a book, but then my mind will shift to the artwork I could draw that needs to be done with it, then I think about what photos I could take, then I consider designing clothes or getting into cosmetology! What is my problem? Why is it so hard to stick with one thing? I have a passion for all of my hobbies and they say turn your hobbies into careers, but which hobby do I choose??

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