Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lesson Learned

It's vital to express your feelings. even when you think others won't understand them. if someone does something that bothers you, upsets you, or something you may disagree with, speak up and let them know up front. Otherwise, the more you hold on, the more intense it will be once it finally comes out. 
I've recently had a falling out with another woman, and things exploded when the flame shouldn't have been ignited in the first place. if our issues would have been brought to the surface beforehand, it wouldn't have came to this point. I absolutely take my responsibility on my part, as communication should have been more effective. but as I stated before, it's important to establish what's bothering you ahead of time instead of when you say something out of context. thankfully, we were able to sit down and discuss everything like adults, and come to an understanding. after putting everything out on the table, the air had been cleared.
always be mindful of others, but don't forget yourself either. let go of burdens, bothers, and boulders on your shoulders. once that weight had been lifted, you can breathe much easier. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Had to Take a Look in the Mirror

It's hard for me to continue to bite my tongue when my mind has so much to say
Not that I desire to be rude or disrespectful, but I demand to be respected
I've taken so much in my life to keep allowing people to treat me a certain way
I look at how a close relative of mine, allows people to run over her, talk bad to her, and blatantly disrespect her and she just takes it ..
I've found myself fallin in those same patterns .. same routines.. same cycle
it has to stop with me. it has stop somewhere
I've come to realize, no matter what I say to someone, no matter what action I take, it does have a consequence
But allowing disrespect and permitting others to believe that's okay, that can't happen
if I can't stand on my own feet, why do I walk?
why do I have a mouth, if I don't talk?
what's the point in having a voice, if I don't speak up?
It's been long enough
it's overtime to reveal myself
not for anyone else, but for myself
I am who I am
God has made me this way, and he had made no mistakes
He has made me to be the child he wants me to be
He doesn't want me to hide myself from the world 
He doesn't want me to shield my heart from those who earn it
He wants me to shine like the light as the sun on the world
Provide a different understanding 
But first I must understand me
I must know me
I must know what I will and will not accept
What I like and don't like
What I want and what I don't need
In order for me to help the world, I must help the Woman in the Mirror who smiles back at me ..

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Inevitable

I try to let go
but I can't
I want to move on
but I won't
I'm restricted, retained, remained in your restraint
detained, and maimed of my sanity
frantically, this insanity is becoming my tragedy
stripped of my free will
gripping for a way out still
whipped into commission
ripped into submission
insist this position
is my permanent condition
it's been encrypted
can't dismiss it
peace of mind, oh how I miss it
my life, is it what this is?
I can't accept this

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


do you ever feel so misunderstood?
like really misunderstood?
that your intentions are only as good as others see fit
everything you do is a bad move
every step you take is criticized
nothing you do is good enough
ppl choose to look down on you to try to make themselves feel better
it's vital to know your worth
your value
the respect that you deserve should be the respect you demand, 
especially from yourself
don't give anyone the satisfaction of walkin over you
because you should always stand tall
no matter what
have confidence, have self respect
the one you should be concerned about making the happiest, is the one who looks back at you in the mirror 
who cares what other ppl think?
who cares if you're misunderstood?
understand and appreciate you
nobody else is walkin in your shoes and there's no one else in that mirror but you ..