Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lesson Learned

It's vital to express your feelings. even when you think others won't understand them. if someone does something that bothers you, upsets you, or something you may disagree with, speak up and let them know up front. Otherwise, the more you hold on, the more intense it will be once it finally comes out. 
I've recently had a falling out with another woman, and things exploded when the flame shouldn't have been ignited in the first place. if our issues would have been brought to the surface beforehand, it wouldn't have came to this point. I absolutely take my responsibility on my part, as communication should have been more effective. but as I stated before, it's important to establish what's bothering you ahead of time instead of when you say something out of context. thankfully, we were able to sit down and discuss everything like adults, and come to an understanding. after putting everything out on the table, the air had been cleared.
always be mindful of others, but don't forget yourself either. let go of burdens, bothers, and boulders on your shoulders. once that weight had been lifted, you can breathe much easier. 

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