Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Working on my Writing Skills

gripping the rusted key as I guide it to it's home. turning it all the way to the right as far as it will let me, I hear the minimal click indicating the key is safe and sound, only thing left is for me to be the same way. so once the lock clicks, I grab the golden knob below and twist it until gives passage to my haven. I suddenly feel the cool breeze slap my face after dealing with the unbearable heat rays from the outside. quickly I shut the door behind me to prevent any uninvited heat from coming in. then I turn the lock to the right to block any intruders out. and now I am safe. I unfasten my keys from its holder and remove my sunglasses from a sweaty forehead and place them on the hook to my left. next to the window where the sunlight moves in and lands on my couch. the matching couch sits perpendicular on the left, and there is where I reside most times. but before my comfort can be fully achieved, other obligations must be met. I look at my favorite couch and sigh to myself as I ponder how long it will be until we meet again. I must move swiftly. first things first, I march to my bathroom, start the shower, and turn on my fluorescent pink light that I purchased at Wal Mart. the light drapes over my bathroom sink and covers my jewelry boxes, toothpaste, deodorants, perfumes, lotions, and hair products. I get rid of my silver necklace and earrings and gently organize them in my boxes. freeing my ears and neck from the pressures of accessories. then I retrieve the gray clips that sit on the marble counter, and use 6 for assistance in keeping my hair in tact. swoop up my black hair scarf and tie it securely to cover my natural hair strands from the raging water of the shower head. time to remove the layers of clothing, I think my water is ready. 
Scarlett Kiss shower gel, turquoise and mint green loofa, with shower rain: ingredients to wind down for the evening. after about 10 minutes or so of cleansing, it's about time to dry off. a bit of hesitation rushes over me as I anticipate the chilling breeze after a fresh shower. but I cannot stay in here forever, so I must face the temporary shivering as I hurry to erase the water spots with my lavender bath towel and lunge for my canary yellow robe. the warmth from the robe provides immediate heat and my body gives way in it's natural attempt to produce heat. then suddenly, I feel the emptiness in the depth of my gut, and I listen to the mild rumbling coming from within indicating my hunger has surfaced. as I slip into my cream-colored slippers, I march to the kitchen and investigate the options for dinner. first the cabinets, then the freezer, and finally the refrigerator. After extensive deliberation, I've concluded tonight's menu will include: fried catfish, spaghetti, and seasoned green beans. not too complicated or time consuming, but well needed. once dinner is complete, I think I can finally find my spot on my couch. but not before feeding my baby black and white Dutch rabbit. it would be somewhat unfair if my stomach is full and hers is empty. I walk back to my bedroom and turn the golden knob and as I turn to my right, my eyes meet hers. she looks up at me then dances in circles in her cage, hopping and leaping. my voice screeched out of happiness and startled her timid nature. I kneel down and open her white and purple cage and comfort her by stroking from the top of her nose to the back to her ears. repeating this type of affection as always brought peace to my little one. as she is but 6 months now, I still reminisce on having to calm her during the earlier stages of our friendship in this way. now she's privy to all my little games with her. from playing tag, to teaching her tricks, and laying her on my chest. as we both grow, so does our companionship. as I get lost in my time travel of memories, it almost slips my mind she still needs to be fed; until she nipped my finger, bringing it to my attention. 'Ok, Ok little one, here you go' I whisper as I fill her lime green food bowel with wheat pellets and Timothy hay, she stretches her neck through the opening of the cage fighting for her long awaiting bite. I dip some pellets into the palm of my hand and position them near the canal of her amazing nose so she doesn't have to fight any longer. I hear the slight sigh of relief escape her nose as she enjoys her familiar meal. then I place her bowl in the corner of her cage, and refill her water bowl with fresh freezing water, the way she loves it. I leave her to her meal as I return to enjoy mine. this is what I appreciate, my own space my own things my own time. after my food has vanquished from my royal blue dinner plate, I place the dish into the sink in my kitchen. open up the cabinets that sit above me and reach for my favorite wine glass. Red Moscato is the wine of choice for the evening, I believe it'll do the trick. I uncork the bottle using the black corkscrew from my kitchen drawer. I'm use to this by now, so it doesn't take long to separate the cork from it's bottle. as I hear the pop, the aroma intrudes my nostrils. I tip the bottle into my wine glass and allow the liquid heaven only to fill half; after all, I do have to work in the morning. I place the bottle back into the refrigerator and work my way back to my couch. I turn on some music and allow the wine and rhythm to take me away...
...to be continued

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